Why we need the Bible's message?

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No long-term future

Everything in our world is transient and deteriorating. More importantly for us, we must face the fact that some day our own life, with all its enjoyments and problems, will end as well.

A rewarding future

But the Bible message can give us all a new outlook on life. It offers the hope of being raised from the dead when Jesus Christ returns to the earth. We can have eternal life and the rewarding work of helping him to sort out the world's problems. It gives good reasons to believe this message.

A message of hope we can trust

Left to ourselves, no one can say with any certainty what, if anything, lies beyond the grave. There are many different ideas in the various religions around the world, but how do we know which one to believe? We need a source of information, which has a track record of being correct in other areas, to convince us that we can trust it when it tells us about life after death. The Bible is just such a reliable source of information.

We look at some of the reasons why we can trust the Bible in the What is the evidence that the Bible is special? section of this site.