The Problem of Suffering?

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Why should I believe in a God I cannot see?
Is there more to life than this?
Why does God allow suffering?
Has Christianity caused wars?
What is the meaning of life?
Has Science disproved the Bible?
What is the world coming to?
What is the evidence that the Bible is special?

Many people are now thinking about the current and potential problems caused by human activity and are realising that there is something wrong. Measures are being taken to try and reduce the problems.

  • We can choose how to live our lives
  • We can choose how we treat other peope
  • Other people's deaths remind us that our lives will not last for ever
  • Suffering should make us think about the effect of our actions on others

Suffering beyond our control

Floods and earthquakes

Jesus again gives us help when thinking about suffering from events such as floods and earthquakes over which we have no control. Following on from the incident that we looked at earlier, Jesus also mentions the suffering caused by a tower falling on some people:

Or those eighteen on whom the tower in Siloam fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse sinners than all other men who dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.

Luke 13 v 4 and 5

Jesus repeats the warning that he gave in the previous incident - stop and think about the end of your life. Ultimately it does not matter whether we die from an accident at 20 years old or in bed at 95, the end result is the same. We all tend to put out of our minds the fact that our life will end. Suffering can be a warning that interrupts our normal routines. It can make us stop and think about the fact that our lives will end one day.

The good news is that death need not be the end for us. The purpose of this website is to give you the evidence that there is a trustworthy message in the Bible and that its message contains a hope of life after death.

Illness and death

Some people endure far more illness than others. They can be in difficult situations for long periods of time with no apparent hope of release.

This suffering is not necessarily as a result of something they have or have not done. The Bible tells us that suffering can be for our own good (2) even if we can't see the reason for it.